★★★★★ I wanted to thank Dr. Schell and his great staff of nurses for the excellent care they provided me in his office. I was recommended to Dr. Schell by several coworkers at my job. They had all been extremely pleased with the care they had received for extractions of teeth. My dentist also had great things to say about him and told me that he refers his patients to Dr. Schell as well. This made me feel very comfortable with the office. I went to his office for a consultation for dental implants and he did an excellent job explaining everything in detail. I was impressed when he gave me several copies of published articles on dental implants, in which he was the author. He also referred me to his website which was useful and had more detailed information on Oral Surgery and implants. The website also had sections on his background and patient testimonials.
They did a great job of the anesthesia and made it the best experience I have had in a dental office. The healing went great and within a few days I was feeling back to normal. After several months I was given the OK to see my dentist for the completion of my implant treatment. The dental implants have worked perfectly for more than a year now and I highly recommend this office especially for dental implants.my dentist told me he has an excellent reputation in the community, and has even treated my dentist’s family.

★★★★★ Dr. Richard Schell is one of the most caring doctors that I have had. He provided me with the most positive experience in a dental office of my life. He did a great job both in my treatment and his follow-up care. He and the staff did an excellent job of answering all my questions concerning the procedure and addressed my insurance issues. My general dentist explained to me that my wisdom teeth were very deep, and Dr. Schell did an excellent job removing them for me.I strongly recommend him for any oral surgery procedures. The entire team was exceptional in their care and follow-up.

★★★★★ Great job Dr. Schell. I healed quickly after having my wisdom teeth and was ready to return to college in plenty of time. Thank you again.

★★★★★ I first met Dr. Schell many years ago when I was referred by my dentist for a dental infection. I had a tooth problem which progressed very rapidly into serious swelling. I was frightened to say the least. My dentist assured me I would be in good hands and that Dr. Schell had taken care of his own family members over the years.
Because of the emergency nature of the procedure the staff took my condition seriously and did an excellent job of getting me prepared in advance to be seen. They fit me into their schedule the same day and make sure I was prepared to go to sleep for the procedure as it was already painful and infected. The entire staff was kind and concerned. The procedure went well and I was not even aware it was done until after I woke up. Because of the prior infection, the doctor had me in every day for four days to check the progress. He did an excellent job and it got better each day.
Since that time I have referred several friends from work as well as my family members over the years. Everyone that have I referred to the office have been pleased. Two of my daughters have had their wisdom teeth performed and the recovery went much better than many of their friends. He always calls the evening of the procedure to check on us and he has always been available to answer questions. His staff is very polite and knowledgeable. The office is very clean. We are very grateful for his consistent superb care over the years and are happy to refer people to him without reservations.

★★★★★ Dr Schell, just wanted to congratulate you on your nice web site. It reflects the personalized care and attention to details you give to all facets of your practice. Thank you for the wonderful job you did in my daughter’s wisdom tooth extractions. My wife and I appreciate your careful calm manor and your thorough follow up.

★★★★★ Thank you much for your fantastic work on my surgery. Highest recommendation.

★★★★★ Dr Schell did a fantastic job for my procedure. Surgery was better than I expected. Dr Schell took time to answer all my questions and explain all the important details at my consult. I liked the instructions on the website so I didn’t have to worry about losing the handout they provide. He checked up on me to make sure I was doing well after the surgery was completed. They have a great caring staff. A very pleasant and caring term with clean and inviting office. Relaxing music. Excellent surgeon and a truly nice guy.

★★★★★ Thank you Dr Schell and staff!!
You did a really good job on my wisdom teeth extractions. I healed fast and got back to school as hoped. Thank you for your genuine care you showed me.

★★★★★ I am in now a retired dentist from the South Bay area. I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Richard Schell for over 20 years of my career. We had many patients in common over those years. I have always found him to be kind and caring, He is an excellent Oral Surgeon with superb judgment. I have a never had a patient over my time working with him that ever had anything but positive to say about him. He even treated my own family. I would highly recommend Dr Schell to anyone considering an Oral Surgeon in the area.

★★★★★ Dr. Schell is knowledgeable, caring and very professional. My mother is 75 years old and takes warfarin. She is very fragile and needs a lot of care. She was very pleased with his work. I appreciate the follow up calls from Dr. Schell and all his care. I highly recommend him and his staff. Really beautiful office and very caring team and doctor.
Thank you for all your help !

★★★★★ 10 stars! I needed bone grafts and implants for my two (2) front teeth. I have spent thousands over the years at a dentist in Beverly Hills re-doing my crowns and dealing with my compromised tooth structure. At 55, I was referred to Dr. Schell from a friend who he did implants for. Dr. Schell did an excellent job thoroughly explaining the long process I needed to go through in order to produce the very best results – both structurally and aesthetically. I had 4 surgeries (2 bone grafts and 2 implants) and I could not be more pleased with the confident, meticulous and compassionate care I received from Schell and his staff. The implants on each front tooth aligned perfectly. Dr.Schell called me after each surgery to check how I was feeling. Schell worked closely alongside my new dentist who did the actual crowns last week-and they look 100% perfect and they feel as solid as a rock. Dr. Schell is clearly superior from my years of experience as a dental patient.

★★★★★ Dr. Schell did a beautiful job on my bone grafting and implants. I was nervous at first but he put me at ease and answered all my questions. The sedation made the procedure easy and painless. I cannot say enough nice things about Dr. Schell and his office. His staff was helpful and caring. The office was very clean and professional. Since then I have sent several friends and they have been very happy with the excellent care they received . I am very grateful to Dr. Schell.

★★★★★ I’m very glad I was recommended to this office by my dentist. A great doctor and a great staff. I really appreciate the post operative follow up call from the doctor. Everything went better than you could ever be expected. True care shown by all in the office.

★★★★★ Did a great job planning my dental implants it’s been two years and everything went without any issues at all. Thank you for a great job.

★★★★★ I was very pleased with the office. Dr. Schell is one of the most caring doctors I’ve had both in the treatment I received and my follow-up care. The staff provided me with a very positive experience. In the consultation visit he carefully answered all my questions. I was very nervous about having a procedure. Dr. Schell’s friendly and caring manner was very much appreciated.my general dentist who referred me to Dr. Schell , told me that my wisdom teeth were deep in bone and we’re not easy. The procedure went much better than I could have anticipated.

The entire experience was painless and the recovery process and follow up was no less than exceptional.The staff was also exceptionally caring and kind.

★★★★★ I appreciate all the special personal care Dr. Schell gave me. He did an excellent job answering all my questions and alleviating all my fears. Surgery and the recovery went much easier than I expected. The staff was helpful and caring. I would recommend him to everyone. I’m very happy that I went to this office. I appreciate all the follow up and all the care shown to me. EXCELLENT!!

★★★★★ A+ service! Thank you for your excellent work!

★★★★★ I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Schell and his staff when my daughter had to have her wisdom teeth removed. He was recommended by our regular dentist and Dr. Schell did an excellent job with my daughter. I was so impressed by him that when my 80 year old mother needed to have oral surgery done, I took her to see Dr. Schell. He was kind and caring and did an excellent job with my mom too. Next my Autistic Son had to have his wisdom teeth removed. Autistic children have a more difficult time at the dentist than other children due to their sensory issues. Dr. Schell and his staff were able work with my son and his fear, and he has all his wisdom teeth removed in one day. We’ve had three positive experiences with Dr. Schell and his staff and will go to him in the future for any oral surgery we may need.
So I strongly recommend Dr. Richard Schell An Excellent Oral Surgeon

★★★★★ I can certainly recommend Dr. Schell as an excellent oral surgeon. He gets absolutely perfect marks. I was facing an extraction which I was anticipating would be very difficult. Dr. Schell has a calm supportive manner and really took the time to explain the whole process in detail. That was really helpful. The surgery went well. The anesthesia made the whole process painless. The post op healing and recovery could not have gone better. Dr Schell even called himself to check up on me. His staff really made me feel comfortable and cared for.

★★★★★ I really appreciate all the special attention Dr. Schell and the entire office gave me, from the initial consultation to the follow-up call during my recovery. Everything went much better than I expected. He and the staff also made me very comfortable with what could otherwise have been a very stressful experience. I give my highest recommendation to Dr. Schell and his office for an excellent job. Thank you for all your care.

★★★★★ I was referred to Dr. Schell from my dentist for oral surgery with dental implant treatment. The entire staff and Dr. were wonderful to my family and I ,taking time to discuss with me my treatment and after care. My treatment went very well compared to other friends who’ve had oral surgery procedures. Dr. Schell called the evening of the procedure to check my progress and to give me more good advice. Dental implants can be complex, but the doctor spent a great deal of time explaining and performing the treatment. Everything went better than expected. Since that time I’ve read many nice reviews about his office and I’m glad I was fortunate have to find him for my oral surgery care.

★★★★★ I highly recommend Dr. Richard schell for his excellent service when I had wisdom teeth extracted. Everyone was professional and kind and caring. I could not recommend this office more. A strong five stars!

★★★★★ Great job Dr. Schell and staff. Thank you for all your excellent care and attention to details. Most highly recommended.

★★★★★ Dr. Richard Schell has served as my family’s oral surgeon for over twenty years. He has tackled issues successfully that have challenged others. He greatly cares about helping each patient getting the best and most appropriate treatment. I appreciate knowing I’ll receive from him the best care possible.

★★★★★ I highly recommend Dr. Schell and his office for oral surgery. He explained the procedure in detail, made me comfortable and did an excellent job with my surgery. He was caring, calling me up to see how I was recovering. The staff was friendly, kind and efficient. The office was neat and clean and I found the artwork to be very calming and professional. When I or my family need oral surgery, I will definitely see Dr. Schell. I understand why my dentist recommended him so highly and even chose him to treat his own family.

★★★★★ Thank you Dr. Schell and Staff for all you help and kindness. Dr. Schell and the entire office team were very compassionate and caring . They went overboard to assist me with my oral surgery and I highly recommend them for your oral surgery needs.

★★★★★ Great job, highly recommended.

★★★★★ Dr. Schell did an excellent job extracting the wisdom teeth of my two children. He and his staff were very competent and caring.

★★★★★ I have hated going to the dentist ever since I was a little girl. I’m an adult 27-year-old who hates having dental work. My experience with Dr. Schell was the best experience I’ve ever had with any dentist , or any doctor for that matter.
The office was clean and neat and the staff was courteous and assuring. Dr Schell was gentle and kind and best of all did an excellent job pulling all four of my wisdom teeth. His staff was amazing. I was able to get an appointment quickly and never had to wait on hold when I called. They sorted out my insurance very professionally. I did not wait when I arrived for either consultation or treatment. I did not feel rushed in the least either during the consultation or my treatment and follow-up. They all were so kind and good to my husband and our baby while they waited for me to be treated. He personally called me to check my condition the evening of the procedure. After that my recovery was much better than expected, which is important having a young baby to take care of. He clearly is a very bright and caring person, and that attitude went throughout the entire experience. His staff also reflected the kindness and competence of the office. I would recommend no one else! Thank you Dr. Schell and the staff for a great experience.

★★★★★ I am sincerely appreciative to Dr Schell for the excellent care he gave me. He explained in detail what to expect and answered all my questions during the consultation. The surgery went smoothly and all the follow up was excellent. The recovery was much easier than I expected. He and his staff are very caring and thorough. He called me at home in the evening to make sure I was doing well. All the positive reviews that I read were correct. I highly recommend him for oral surgery. He went out of his way to make my surgery a positive experience. He is dedicated, kind and competent.

★★★★★ Very professional, highly competent, and great communication throughout, including personal follow-up phone calls. Office staff is very friendly and professional. Highly recommended!

~ There’s much to be said about a place called “Home.” I have been to so many dentists in my life that I lost count a long time ago. It’s been an endless search to find a dentist who truly cares, and doesn’t just perform work to make an extra buck, or for some other unexplainable motive. Quite frankly, it must be equally as difficult for a dentist to build a staff that isn’t unprofessional or just plain rude, never-mind educated. I used to think I could ask a professional the question, “If this were your mouth, what would you do?” and rely confidently on the answer. I learned the hard way that not everyone has the same integrity. Which brings me to today … With a HUGE SMILE, I can say that Dr. Schell and his associates have changed my outlook. I am happy to say that I now have a place to call “Home.” Over the past few years, I have had the pleasure (yes, I know it’s a dental experience!) of being a patient at Dr. Schell’s office. Together, we have been through several extensive projects. Each time, Dr. Schell has stood true to character with the care and professionalism he has given. I respect and appreciate that Dr. Schell himself took time to personally call and check in on me after each procedure. His personal involvement helped me feel that I was in excellent hands (and I am). Integrity makes a difference. The office environment is comfortable, and his smiling staff / team of knowledgeable nurses always help me to feel at ease.
Dr. Schell is amazing! I’ve never met a dental professional who showed such GENUINE kindness. First hand, I know Dr. Schell puts an immense amount of thought into every decision, and to me, that’s an invaluable asset. After reviewing the situation, Dr. Schell doesn’t just tell you what he’s decided to do, he gives his patients control of the decision. He involves his patients in the entire process, and explains things in easy-to-understand detail and terms so that you are informed and aware of all choices available. Dr. Schell has a passion for helping people, and it clearly shows in his beautiful work. (I bet he doesn’t rest until everything is as close to perfection as possible!) I appreciate his years of experience, time, energy, thought and effort he has put into taking care of me and all my unique, complex, special dental needs and issues. I just know that Dr. Schell does the same for each individual he treats. Dental problems are difficult for all of us, and Dr. Schell and his staff know this. Every case is different, and each one is handled with appropriate attention and care. At their office, you’re not just the next one on the schedule, you’re the most important one on the schedule! Dr. Schell, Victoria and the entire staff have earned my trust, and that doesn’t come easy. There’s no doubt in my mind that as long as Dr. Schell’s doors remain open (which better be forever!), I will be calling and coming in for “special” treatment and solid, trust-worthy guidance from here on out! I can’t help but tell everyone, “YOU GUYS REALLY ARE THE BEST!!!!” Oh, and you know I have to say it … “THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME!”

From the bottom of my heart, “Thank you!”